Angle Audio MM Audiophile Phono Stage

Audiophile MM Phono Stage

This is a UK designed, built and tested, audiophile phono preamp from Angle Audio. The preamp allows you to connect your turntable to the Aux or similar input on your amplifier.

Don't be fooled by our very reasonable prices, this is not your cheap and cheerful preamp, it's a high quality analogue preamp, designed and laid out to maximise audio performance and coupled with quality components throughout and enclosed in a solid aluminium case. We don’t need to cut any corners to offer you an excellent quality MM phono stage for an amazing price as we only sell direct to you and so have no retailer margins to pay and we pass that saving straight on to you.

This phono stage has full RIAA equalisation with support for moving magnet, high output moving coil cartridges or moving iron cartridges (Cartridge outputs from 1.5mV to 10mV, 1KHz at 5cms per second).

All Angle Audio products use only circuit boards, cases and components sourced from UK companies/distributors, all our products are hand built in the UK. We strive to provide excellent levels of customer service and always treat sound quality as a priority.

The unit is supplied with a DC power supply, all overseas buyers will receive a power supply suitable for your country.


This MM phono stage has had many glowing reviews and in fact our customers have compared this stage favourably to phono stages costing many times our prices. See the review of this Audiophile Phono Stage Preamp by HI-Fi World Magazine (August 2013) which awarded the unit 5 globes!

"I purchased a MM and an MC just over a year and a half ago... they both blew away my Project SE II (better sound stage more clarity), I sold my SE II very quickly afterwards, ......and love them to bits."  (Vinyl engine user)

You can also read some of our customers reviews on 'Vinylengine'

Or check out the video review on youtube

Technical Specifications:

- Audiophile Unit: Very low noise amps, Panasonic power caps, quality all aluminium case, earth post, Power scheme optimised for audio quality, includes DC power supply. Unit includes a power-on indication LED on front panel. Rear of unit has power input, gold plated phono left/right inputs/outputs and an earth post.



Nominal Input sensitivity: 3 mV rms
Input range: 1.5mV - 35mV
Input resistance: 47k & 80pF
Maximum input: 35 mV rms
Nominal output: 363 mV rms
Gain: 46 dB (121)
Noise (ein) ITUR 468 22Hz-22kHz). -70dB
Distortion: 0.003%
RIAA accuracy:  <0.5 dB
Channel separation: 75 dB
Technology: 1% Metal Film Resistors
Quality Film Capacitors
Panasonic Power Caps

Rear Panel:

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Angle Audio Audiophile MM Rear Panel

Front Panel:

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