Linear Power Supply

Linear Power Supply

Our Linear Power unit is designed to ensure your phono stage or preamplifier delivers its best possible performance by giving it a stable, clean and accurate power source. The quality and capacity of the supply is designed to deliver a marked improvement in sonic performance and as such is a great upgrade for any unit.

The Linear Power supply utilises high quality components and advanced filtering techniques to generate the optimal supply for your phono stage.

Inside the unit is an in-line RF filter to remove the high frequency noise from the mains supply, the cleaned mains supply is then fed into a quality toroidal transformer (the toroidal transformer minimises noise transmission to other components) and then into the main supply electronics where series/shunt regulators are used to produce a high accuracy supply and active noise cancellation is utilised to minimise noise in the audio range. The supply electronics are laid out on a PCB that’s designed to minimise inductive effects and eight quality Panasonic smoothing capacitors are used to help remove ripple and noise.

All this technology delivers a step change in power supply quality over switched mode units, see the pictures below that show noise voltage from a typical switched mode supply (top picture) and that from our Linear Power unit (bottom picture).

Noise voltage from a typical switched mode supply
Picture 1: Noise voltage from a typical switched mode supply
Picture 2: Noise Voltage from Angle Audio Linear Power Supply

Note: Inductance in the test leads does increase noise in both tests but as the test rig is identical for both the comparison is accurate.

And when the total noise voltage is measured in the audio range (0-20Khz), which after all is the most important area for hifi applications, the Linear Power unit measures some 80% to 90% lower than a typical switched mode supply.

The unit is specified to supply peak current of up to 1A and 500mA continuously and is equipped with output circuit protection.

The power supply is available with output voltages from 12V to 18V DC.

The front panel of the unit has a power on LED and the rear of the unit has an IEC input socket (power lead supplied), on/off switch, input fuse holder and the output cable.

Although the Linear Power unit will look great in any set-up it’s specifically designed to complement our new range of phono stages and preamplifiers and as such comes in a matching case.

As with all Angle Audio products, if you have a custom power supply requirement please let us know and we’ll be happy to see if we can meet your needs.

Technical Specifications:

Input Voltage: 240V
Output Voltage: 12V, 15V, 18V or custom
Output VA (max) 15vA
Output Noise (wideband): <0.6mV RMS
Output Noise 0-20Khz: <0.1mV RMS
Technology: High stability shunt/series regulator combination
Fully encapsulated Toroidal transformer
In-line RF power filter
Panasonic Capacitors
Active noise filtering
Output circuit protection
Output Connector: 2.1mm Barrel connector centre positive on 1metre quality lead.
Unit Type etc.: This is a Type 1 IEC Protection Class unit with double insulated primary wiring and a fixed safety earth and 500mA fast blow safety fuse. This unit must be earthed. All components are ROHS compliant.

Rear Panel:

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Linear Power Supply - Back

Front Panel:

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