StudioPro Phono Stage

StudioPro Phono Stage

This is a high-end integrated circuit phono preamp featuring very low noise, wide bandwidth amplifiers and our most advanced Virtual Battery system, a combination that’s designed to deliver outstanding audio performance.

This is a very high performance solid state phono stage combining our highest specification phono stage circuitry with new three stage power filtering and a host of optional custom features. The StudioPro unit uses 1% or better components throughout and high-bandwidth, very low noise amplifiers and is focused at higher end systems where sound quality is paramount.

The phono stage has full RIAA equalisation with support for moving magnet/high output moving coil cartridges or low output MC cartridges, please let us know which version you require.

This unit also comes with our new, high voltage/capacity Virtual Battery 3 system for optimum power supply noise performance. The high capacity, rechargeable battery included with this unit can power the unit for around 24 hours and its high voltage and instantaneous current capabilities also improve its amplifiers headroom and dynamic performance resulting in a clearer sound stage and tighter bass performance.  

This Virtual Battery system, coupled with our three stage supply filtering gives all the benefits of a high capacity, low noise power supply plus the advantages of a battery supply and all within the case of the StudioPro unit.

All Angle Audio products use only circuit boards, cases and components sourced from UK companies/distributors, all our products are hand built in the UK. We strive to provide excellent levels of customer service and always treat sound quality as a priority.

The unit is supplied with a DC power supply, all overseas buyers will receive a power supply suitable for your country.

New Virtual Battery system provides:

- A high capacity, internal NiMh battery powering all audio circuits to minimise power supply noise, the battery is charged as and when required when the unit is not in use.
- Battery will supply the unit for up to 24 hours of continual use.
- Battery sensing circuits automatically switch to mains power if battery is too discharged to continue operation, so you can continue to listen to your vinyl.
- Unit LED indication of battery charge, power on/off and mains/battery power in use.

Options available for the StudioPro unit are:

- Load Plugs
- MM/MC switching
-Mono switch (not with MM/MC switching)

Technical Specifications:

StudioPro Unit: High Bandwidth, lvery low low noise amps, 1% components, Panasonic FK series power caps, quality all aluminium case, quality earth post, VB Power system with high capacity NiMh battery, 3 stage power filtering, includes DC power supply. Unit includes a power-on indication LED on front panel, charge LED and on/off switch. Rear of unit has power input, gold plated phono left/right inputs/outputs and an earth post.


Nominal Input sensitivity: 3 mV rms
Input range: 1.5mV - 7mV
Input resistance: 47k & 80pF
Maximum input: 35 mV rms
Nominal output: 363 mV rms
Gain: 46 dB (200)
Noise (ein) ITUR 468 22Hz-22kHz). -70dB
Distortion: 0.002%
RIAA accuracy:  <0.5 dB
Channel separation: 75 dB
Technology: 1% Metal Film Resistors
Quality Film Capacitors
Panasonic Power Caps


Nominal Input sensitivity: 0.3 mV rms
Input range: 0.15mV - 2mV
Input resistance: 470R & 80pF
Maximum input: 35 mV rms
Nominal output: 3063mV
Gain: 61 dB (1122)
Noise (ein) ITUR 468 22Hz-22kHz). -70dB
Distortion: 0.003%
RIAA accuracy:  <0.5 dB
Channel separation: 75 dB
Technology: 1% Audio Components
High capacity VB 3 system
Panasonic FK Series Power Caps

Rear Panel:

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Front Panel:

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