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"...... the sound quality is superb. I build all my own kit (valve amp, tt and speakers) and it's one of the best solid state
phonos I've used. many thanks. Anthony"

"I have recently purchased the MC version of this Phono stage...
I'm so pleased I want the upgraded MM version.. John" (MC Cartridge - Denon 103R).

"I am absolutely blown away with the quality" says Tom about Angle Audio Audiophile phone stage in this video:
Video on YouTube of an Angle Audio Audiophile user

"I tried a Project one 3 years ago; it had a bit of mains hum and did not make much difference. My mid 70s Sansui amp must have a better phono stage than most after all, its main purpose was to amplify records. I can say that I am very happy with the performance of your phono stage. There is a greater tangibility of sound and it sounds more realistic and "live"."

Thomas, who purchased a custom LDR preamplifier with an MC phono stage sent us the following:
"Dear Chris, just to let you know that I am extremely happy with the phono pre (audiophile+ with ldr and battery power). Listened to it for a few weeks now and it sounds transparent, detailed, just perfect. I highly recommend your customer service as the custom features I requested have greatly enhanced the use of the pre for me. Perfect! My friend compared it with his Creek Windsor (£1500.-) and felt there was not much difference (!?!). I love that this has been hand built in the UK! Thank you very much."

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